Acquire - Develop - Operate (ADO)

ADO is our proprietary process for creating profitable mining investments. Karbine Mining brings specific physical asset opportunities to investors and provides the expertise to develop and operate the mine site. We help investors to acquire high quality mines at fair market value and then make the necessary changes and/or additions to create a profitable, operating mine that meets all regulatory needs. We also provide all reporting processes and setup all governance structures so that non-mining and offshore investors can be assured of the legitimacy and profitability of their investment.

The major benefits of ADO are that it provides the investor with majority ownership of the mine without needing to be a mining company. All phases are setup under a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) so that the investment can be easily exited at any stage. Each stage also provides tangible value uplift and is structured so that the benefits significantly outweigh the costs - in other words, investors can acquire and quickly upgrade a mine site and resell it for a considerable profit. As professional developers, we intimately understand the metrics of mining valuations and we deliberately structure each investment to provide large uplifts in value.

ADO is the result of 6 years of effort from the directors and managers of Karbine Mining and Karbine Services. We believe we have created the optimum synergy between Development and Operations, which are traditionally separate sets of skills in a very fragmented industry. Our full stack product best utilises our expertise to find the best assets and bring the right external contractors in to provide the best value for money to investors, all within a framework of developing and operating a product that is profitable and correctly structured.

Please contact us if you would like more information about ADO or to register your interest as either an Asset Owner or Investor.