Acquire - Develop - Operate

A new paradigm for mining

Acquire - Develop - Operate (ADO) is our solution to the growing problem of stranded mining assets. We work with asset owners and investors to create clear paths to profit from small to medium mining assets.

Asset owners receive fair value and can sell their stranded assets and retain ongoing revenue streams if they choose.

Investors receive majority ownership, security against the assets and representation at board level. 

The Problem

The boom cycle in mining made large miners larger and stranded small to medium size mines. Major listed entities have no appetite for smaller mines and small listed explorers have neither capability nor appetite to operate mines. The result is a growing number of mines becoming "stranded" and being put into care and maintenance. The cyclical nature of commodity prices, combined with high overheads and high debt burdens of listed entities, results in a further winnowing of operating assets.

Miners and explorers now hold resources for the ounces that will remain forever buried - not for the ounces that can be profitably taken to market

The Solution

Karbine Mining is a new type of miner - A service oriented business that partners with investors to Acquire, Develop and Operate assets.

We find the right assets and define a path to profit.

We provide the skills and experience to Acquire, Develop and Operate those assets profitably.


We identify, screen and conduct due diligence on mines that were previously operated and/or are Development ready. We only target mines that have Mining Licenses and are ready to produce.

We connect asset owners with investors. But we do it in such a way that we are an irresistible part of the equation. Without us, the investors can’t do proper due diligence or be confident of being able to monetize their investment. Without us, the asset owners are in a race to the bottom, telling investors they need money because their mine failed "but this time will be different".

We only Acquire assets that have a clear path to profit


We find assets that are "broken" in the right way - and we fix them. Project, Design, Procurement and Construction Management are core skills to us. We provide them as consultants to other miners and we develop our own assets.

Many stranded assets are stranded because they have been owned and operated by explorers or non-mining people. The underlying resource (e.g. gold) may be plentiful, but incorrect processing, infrastructure and/or poor management has resulted in a closed mine.

We Develop assets using our expertise and we integrate the expertise of others


Many small and medium assets are owned by people who cannot operate mines. Asset owners are often bankers and geologists with extensive corporate and technical skills but little skill or appetite to operate a mine in remote areas. To operate a mine requires teams of people working in remote areas under considerable physical and mental stress.

We are the Operators. We make money from mining, processing and selling metal.

We make money from Operating mines profitably



Interested parties should contact us to begin a dialogue. We have access to many assets on- and off-market, but ultimately the appetite of the investor and the alignment between us and you is what defines the relationship. We do not release confidential information on assets to strangers. Investment agents are welcome to contact us but we require direct contact with potential investors before any meaningful discussion occurs.

Asset Owners

If you own natural resource assets and would like to explore opportunities for expansion, sale or Joint Venture, please contact us. Note that we are not interested in early stage exploration plays. If you cannot articulate a path and estimate the costs to begin operations then you are "early".