Remote Gold Operation - PNG

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the most undeveloped countries in South East Asia. Karbine Mining bought, developed, operated and sold a gold mine in Northern PNG. The mine had been in care and maintenance for 12 months when we arrived and substantial work was required to commission and restart operations.

East Maprik Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea.

East Maprik Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea.

To succeed at East Maprik, Karbine Mining embarked upon a series of Development and Operational Improvement projects:

  • Improved fixed infrastructure (camps, workshops and office)
  • Increased the mine fleet
  • Upgraded the existing gold process plant
  • Developed a new Relocatable Process Plant

Karbine Mining successfully increased mining volumes from 4,000 cubic metres per month under the previous owners to over 19,000 cubic metres per month.

The ability to Develop and Operate assets, and to Develop assets while Operating them, is the key to success for Karbine.