DevOps - Not just for software

DevOps, the shortened form of Development & Operations, is a software management process that is growing in popularity across the globe. DevOps is often associated with Agile project management practices but is driven by the need to provide extensive and real time operational support to apps and programs. The hyper competitive software market punishes downtime and bugs by simply moving to one of the many alternate products. DevOps is one of the responses by the software industry to create higher quality products.

DevOps and Karbine Mining...?

If DevOps is for software and Karbine Mining does mining, are we talking about new mining software? DevOps is the set of integrated practices that bring together Operations and Development (Study & Project) personnel across the entire asset lifecycle. Operations requirements are built into the early stage scoping and requirements and the Development outcomes are managed through the Operations phase. DevOps is designed to explicitly break down the silos that characterise so many industries, in particular the enormous Projects vs Operations abyss.

Karbine Mining DevOps

Karbine Mining develops and operates assets for ourselves. We specialise in small projects that we develop and operate. From the outside, our sister company Karbine Services are the Development gurus and we are the Operations masters. We do provide development services to clients we do operate mines on behalf of others. But the contractual mechanisms for generating revenue should not dictate the methods used, nor should the name on your business card. Karbine companies practice DevOps because consideration of operational issues such as logistics, security and community engagement must begin in the early Development stages, whether that consideration is technically within your scope of works or not. Equally, the tools and processes that are used during development need to be understood by the Operations teams so as to set the context for the operation and so that intelligent and informed decisions about changes can be made.

Finally, the arrow of time can never be altered: Development comes before Operations. The earlier Ops can get involved in Dev, the better off they will be, and the greater our chances of success. While Dev must spend money efficiently, Ops must make money effectively. DevOps is the process by which we maximise the probability of both.