Karbine Mining is a private gold miner and developer based in Brisbane, Australia. We have a history of developing and operating our own assets and we are now embarking on a growth program in Australia.

To help fuel that growth, we are seeking for sophisticated investors to become shareholders in our parent company, Karbine Mining Pty Ltd. Karbine Mining has been operating since 2013 and has existing shareholders, employees and a board of directors. We are an active player in the Australian and South East Asian gold and base metal market and we also perform project management and contract mining for other mining companies.

We are gold mine developers and operators. We are not promoters or agents.

The Assets - 2 Gold Mines

Karbine is proud to be undertaking the development of two Australian gold mines. Both mines have current Mining Leases (ML) and Environmental Authority (EA) and can be restarted within one month. Both have historic exploration and operations and well understood geology and metallurgy. Both sites have processing, workshop and camp facilities in place and existing, local workforce that are eager to return to work.

Asset 1 - Underground Gold Mine - VERY HIGH GRADE

  • Historic Production - 1,700kg
  • Average Operating Grade - 96 gram/tonne
  • Resource Estimate - 10,000 kg

Asset 2 - Alluvial Gold Mine - VERY LOW OPERATING COST

  • Historic Production - 500kg
  • Average Operating Grade - 0.4 gram/tonne
  • Resource Estimate - 4,000 kg

Both of the above mines will be Upgraded to produce 2,000 ounces of gold per month. We will perform these upgrades ourselves.

In addition, we are actively conducting due diligence on other Australian gold assets. There are numerous stranded gold assets in Australia that can be restarted quickly and operated at low costs. The issue at the moment is that most of these assets are held by ASX listed companies, and many of the assets are of greater value than the parent company. The inability of small ASX miners to raise money to conduct exploration, and their own lack of internal capability, are stopping these assets from ever being operated again.


Previous Karbine Mining Alluvial Operation in Papua New Guinea

Previous Karbine Mining Alluvial Operation in Papua New Guinea

The Offer

We are seeking $2mil equity investment into our parent company, Karbine Mining, to complete our Acquisitions of both assets. These shares are A Class, the same as the Founders, Managers and existing shareholders, and carry full dividend and voting rights.

We will then be going to market for a mix of debt and equity into the Asset companies to complete the Upgrades (plant and equipment) and provide Working Capital. A total of $5mil is required to put both assets into production post-Upgrade. This follow on investment will be asset specific and will not benefit from ownership of both mines.

Contact us now to receive detailed information if you are interested in owning gold mines in Australia.