Karbine Mining is offering 30,864,200 new shares in the company at an offer price of 8.1 cents / share (Australian Dollars $0.081) to raise $2.5mil new capital. Shares offered are Ordinary with full voting and dividend rights (same as Founders and employee shares).


The funds raised will be used to restart an existing gold mine in Australia and operate it on a Tribute basis. Under this scheme, Karbine pays the owner a royalty and keeps all other revenue. The funds will also be used to bring the first ADO assets to market in 2017.



The Tribute mine is a surface, alluvial, existing gold mine with consistent gold grades and a long operating history. All Leases and Environmental approvals are current. A complete camp and workshop as well as mining and processing equipment is on site. Karbine will add new equipment to significantly increase the scale of the operation. The upgraded operation is expected to produce 65,000 ounces over 5 years with a potential total mine life of 10 years. Cash costs of less than $800/ounce are forecast, due to not needing any grinding or leaching. Australian gold refineries in Brisbane and Sydney have confirmed they will buy all production.

At current AUD gold prices of $1700/ounce, the Tribute gold mine is expected to produce $25mil/yr from gold sales, at a $14mil/yr gross margin, and a Return On Investment (ROI) of 50% / yr from Year 2.

Acquire-Develop-Operate (ADO)

ADO is our growth strategy. Karbine brings previously operated gold assets to investors and creates the structure to enable investors to buy and own the mine. Karbine develops and operates the mine on behalf of the investors. The investors and Karbine become partners in creating value and governing the assets.

Acquire - Karbine finds the assets, conducts due diligence, and partners with investors to acquire the mine.

Develop - Karbine delivers the plan and executes to put the mine back into operation, including recruiting the local workforce that is needed.

Operate - Karbine people manage the goldmine operation, working with local people to deliver sustained low cost production.


Karbine Mining has been developing and operating assets since 2013. We are an Australian owned company that is focused on bringing previously operated gold mines back into operation. We focus on small, low production cost gold and silver mines that can be quickly upgraded and improved to become profitable operations. Many gold mines in Australia are owned by capital constrained groups who do not have the necessary technical skills or financial backing to successfully develop and operate a gold mine. Our core skills are project development and remote mine site operations. Together with the right investors, we can bring the right kind of gold mines back to life and operate them profitably and safely to deliver high returns on investment.

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