Partner with Karbine to make the leap

Karbine Mining specialises in creating partnerships to develop and operate mines in ASEAN and Australia.

Gold Mines

We specialise in the development and operation of profitable, small-medium gold mines. We own and operate our own mines and use the same equipment and people to develop mines for others on a contractual basis.

Natural Resource Projects

We are the experts in remote project development. Our focus on the ASEAN theatre and extensive up and downstream supply chain experience enables us to develop projects and mange operations in sustainable and safe ways.

Invest directly into natural resources and energy projects

We create investment opportunities to directly produce physical and energy commodities.


We develop and operate our own mines and do the same for others. As part of this, we provide co-investment and direct investment opportunities into emerging markets via international equity and debt structures. See our ADO page for more information on how we Acquire, Develop and Operate mines for profit.

Value and Opportunity Creation

Mines and other natural resource projects create opportunities for local communities and international investors. The creation of genuine, sustainable value for investors and communities is the core of our business.